Babies & Tots

The Daisy Room is for our youngest children from birth to two years. Daisy Room is divided into two areas to cater for all play opportunities. Our “Cosy Carpet Area” is lovely for babies to crawl on, to have music time, read stories and play dressing up. As a contrast we have a hard floor area to help staff provide lots of fun messy play such as sand, water, paint, goop and play dough.

All children have the opportunity to take part in all the activities, with Key Workers making special note of children’s preferences and their developmental needs to ensure lots of learning through play.

At Busy Bees we use a framework called “Birth to Three Matters” to plan the activities and experiences we present to the children in Daisy Room. A copy is available on request. Children’s developmental milestones are recorded within a “Birth to Three Matters” profile. Children are able to enjoy the outdoors through Forest School, an outside play area and on walks. Children from Daisy Room visit the Library to take part in “Song and Rhyme Time” and to the Arthur Jenkins Home to visit with the residents there. They take part in all aspects of Nursery and Kids Club life such as Christmas Concerts, celebrating World Book Day, Children in Need Fundraising and more throughout the year.


Our younger babies all have their own routines which are followed closely by their Key Workers and other staff. Our toddlers have just a little bit more structure to their day.

Parents can speak to staff at any time about their child and pass on any worries or concerns and to find out just how busy their child has been!

Children in the Daisy Room will be given the opportunity to spend time with older and younger age groups for part of their play. Siblings will have the opportunity to spend time together.

As part of our Eco-Friendly ethos we give parents the option to be part of our re-usable nappy scheme while their child is here at the nursery – over the course of a year we aim to reduce our contribution to landfill by 50% – and we are well on target. More information is available from staff on request.

All meals, drinks, full fat milk and snacks are included within your fees and you will be asked about your child’s food preferences.

We do ask however that formula feeds are provided, measured boiled water already in the bottle and measured milk powder in a separate container for each feed your child will need whilst here at Busy Bees.

Should you still be breastfeeding your baby arrangements can be made for you to provide expressed milk or to come in and feed your baby during the day. This can be discussed with staff.

We have beakers etc here at the nursery that are sterilised daily but families are welcome to supply their own if they wish.

All children in Daisy Room will need:

  • Several Changes of clothes, including socks!

  • Outdoor coat suitable for the weather conditions

  • Any beakers, bottles or comforters they need

  • Nappies

  • Wet wipes

  • Any nappy creams you would like us to use

If your child becomes unwell whilst here at Busy Bees we will contact you to discuss the best course of action.

If your child has an accident whilst here at Busy Bees we will record it in the accident book and discuss it with you when you collect your child. (Though we will contact you should they have a severe bump to the head, to discuss your preferred course of action)